Help for Rope class

I am rendering ropes with the class of Rope from direct.showutil.Rope.
I noticed that there are some models we need to set:

like self.KPoint = loader.loadModel(“models/egg.egg”)

I would like to know if I can use CollisionCapsule as the section of a rope, for I can not find the egg file related to CollisionCapsule.
Thanks a lot.

I can’t answer the first part of the question–whether a capsule can be used as a Rope’s model–but I believe that I can answer the second–why it is that you’re not finding a model-file for the capsule.

Simply put, that’s because a CollisionCapsule isn’t a model–it’s a mathematically-defined volume, if I’m not much mistaken. I daresay that this is because it should be rather faster to detect collisions with such a volume than a similarly-shaped 3D model.

Thank you for response, yes, CollisionCapsule is a separate class, and my question is how to generate a rope with this class, I can render a rope with other models like the egg, but it looks not good as a cylinder section.
Is there any example on using CollisionCapsule? actually I feel hard to find more examples even on the class Rope…
Thanks again.

Check out this link: Collision Solids — Panda3D Manual.
You can also see this link: Lesson 6 | Panda3D Beginner’s Tutorial, where it explains how to use the CollisionSphere and CollisionCapsule. (It will show CollisionTube instead of CollisionCapsule as CollisionTube is an old name for the CollisionCapsule)

Thank you very much, I will look into that.