help creating an scene

hi, i started using panda some time ago and I know how to make some terrain, lights, characters, effects, etc…

I also know that all the games have the engine, and the editor to make the levels and puting all the things in one file and in the game load all the resourses in their respect positions and status…

so my question is:

someone know how to do something like this with panda?

Well, I am fairly new, but after a month of studying and modifying the tutorials provided, I have learned enough to begin to make an mmorpg/fps game. I still have many questions but the sample projects were a great beginning point for me to be able to build my first scenes.

I suggest dig deep into them to begin, they are teaching me a lot.

yeah looking the samples was the first thing i’ve done with panda, i’ve created a flight simulator with a terrain and a plane… but placing all the enemies/targets in my desired position its difficult…

but now im making another game

so i want to know if someone know a good way to place all the objects with my mouse and save all the positions in a simple file.

you can do 2 things:

  1. take all small parts of your scene (terrain,trees,houses, ect) and put it all together in you 3d modeling software. then save it and you have 1 file with all the terrain.

  2. hypnos and some other guys where working on a panda scene editor.

and yes, the examples are a very good source. but don’t be affraid to ask anything here, if you have questions ask 'm!!! that’s what the forums 's about


look, my terrain has already the trees… but the targets are destroyable so i can’t make 1 terrain with all…

Is there a .zip loader for the .egg files, perhaps? That would make for a convenient level format.