(Help) Code Tutorail Game

Sup panda people ok so im teh new panda code kiddie sooo…to get started i wanted to know if somone could post a game with a source thats heavily commented aimed for teaching or something similier around there anywho thanks in advance

If you want to see that, take a look at the Showcase section of the forums. Also, for smaller examples, check the sample programs that ship with Panda.

Ok , thanks and will do

I’d just like to add that reading an entire program source, even heavily commented, isn’t the ideal way to go. If you can recreate the “Hello World!” Panda example, then you should have a pretty good idea of how Panda works and how to implement it at a very basic level.

If it’s specifically the code that you’re having trouble with, you absolutely must must must learn a good amount of Python programming before working with Panda, or you will get lost very quickly.

If you feel that you know enough Python to work with Panda, the manual on this site will give you all the bits and pieces to work with. You must build these things up one by one - no one opens up their editor and makes a game on their first go. Then, finally, the samples will show you these things put into action, and by this time you will not even need all the comments, because it will make sense to you.