Help, can't run Panda3d samples!!!

It shows a prompt come up for a split second when I try to run a sample that it came with… but nothing happens afterward… what do I do???

If you read through the manual, it will explain it to you, along with other things that you will definitely need to work with Panda. The manual is at:

The exact page in the manual that explains how to run a python file is here: … hon_Editor

If you run it the way it explains there (in the Using the Command Prompt to Run Your Program section), the command prompt will remain open even after there is an error. Now you can see what is causing the sample to not work. Then tell us what it says if it’s still not working. The best advice I can give you is to follow the manual from the beginning and just do what it says.

this is the error I am getting though…

:04-07-2008 20:27:50 ShowBase(warning): Unable to open ‘onscreen’ window.
:display(error): The application requested harware acceleration, but your OpenGL
:display(error): driver, GDI Generic, only supports software rendering.
:display(error): You need to install a hardware-accelerated OpenGL driver, or,
:display(error): if you actually want to use a software renderer, then
:display(error): alter the hardware/software configuration in your Config.prc file.
:display(error): Window wouldn’t open; abandoning window.

What video card do you have? What OS are you running?

I recall having that error a long time ago as well, but upgrading my drivers worked.

Yes, that error generally means you are using the default Windows OpenGL driver, instead of one tuned to your graphics card. Upgrading your graphics drivers should generally fix it.

Alternatively, you could configure Panda to run via dx8 or dx9, which might also solve the problem. As a last resort, you could do what the error message suggests, and configure Panda to run in software mode only. This would be very slow, but it would work.


and the software mode works great … i was like getting 14fps on ralph on a 1.8ghz computer with no 3d card. This means one can use panda3d running in software to generate images on the server to serve to the web.