Hi everyone, been using Panda for a couple of weeks now and starting to get a handle on using it so thought it would be a good time to pop my head in and say hello.

Panda seems pretty good so far, performance is quick enough for my needs and stable. API seems relatively well laid out and have been able to prototype stuff quickly.

Documentation is EXCELLENT.

Anyway, may pop in with the occasional question but most things have been answered by RTFM, searching the forums or banging out a quick test program so far.

Hey, welcome to the community! :slight_smile: I’m glad that you’re liking Panda3D.

We’re looking forward to see the cool stuff you’re going to make with Panda!

Welcome :slight_smile:

[size=75]PS I vote the OP as the post of the month! [/size]



So after a couple of weeks of experimentings with shaders, fake shadows and various other things I put all my test code in a spare folder and made a proper start.

First (UGLY) video, i’m making a Space game so been working on getting an engine suited for that in place.


This is the first shots of the working solar system, next job is to instance all of these bodies into render and scaling them appropriately - most likely using a quick z-order sort and a static bucket. I’m aiming to keep the camera range at around 10km with 1unit = 1m.