hello would like to introduce myself

hello my name is Keith my online call sign is bazso thought i would take the time to introduce my self to the community here i took a interest of making a game a few months ago.

i am still very much a work in progress and was looking for a engine i went to devmaster.net( devmaster.net/ ) they suggested that i work with this engine and the Python language they were sateing that Python language is the way of the future.

so i thought well let me see what they are saying about this engine

devmaster.net/engines/engine … 95#reviews

after when i got done reading with the reviews i was hooked onto this engine i was thinking no way it can’t be that easy but the reviews said it was so i thought i would give it a try and see what happens.

i get overwhelmed pretty easily i am still rereading 2.1.1 and 2.1.2 on the manuel and trying to under stand what it is telling me i think its my fault for not under standing what it is telling me but i also had massive problems while in school i was on medication that had me go to sleep.

so i just also thought i would let you all know that i will more then likely have many questions and i hope that’s all right with you all its just me trying to gain under standing.

i look forward to working with you all looking forward to gain enlightenment of how this engine works and looking forward to your answers.

Hi Keith, welcome! Don’t worry about the complexity of the manual; just take it a little at a time. Try working through the tutorial.


jup. just have a look at the stickys in the forum to get started.aswell as the samples which comes with your panda installation. and of course some good (online)book about python.
the manual is more like a reference you can use to learn about how to do specific things with panda so dont focus too much on while getting used to panda.
if you have questions about anything (exceot the reason for life or so) feel free to ask here on the forum. or on the panda3d irc channel. its on freenode.net #panda3d

ps: wonder when devmaster will update the engine-features.
lots of things are missing there, autoshader generation, geomipterrain,ode,openal… not to speak about networking which isnt even mentioned…

tya for the warm welcome i discovered early today what words meant and so i am now going to grab this book

search.barnesandnoble.com/Dictio … 173/?itm=1

i am hopeing that it will allow me to under stand the panda manual better unless someone would like to recommend a better book then this i am all ears

buying books is usualy not neccessary.(thought i bought a OäReillys python short-reference myself for when i want to read up on something with no internet access nearby)
have you looked at the pages linked in here-> https://www.panda3d.org/manual/index.php/General_Preparation
the links for learning python programming are very useful. well worth to look at before you start spending money.