Hello Panda3D

Hi everyone! Im new to Panda3D, Python, and well… scripting in general… I do however learn quickly and have an Idea of what i’d like to try to accomplish.

Im wondering if there are any free to use 3D Programs (Like 3dsmax) for making models, actors, and terrians?

Yes, Blender is one:


If you want to create some static stuff, Wings3D is also a good place to start… http://www.wings3d.com/

Have Fun!

Regards, Bigfoot29

Thanks alot i’ll check out these programs.

And for those times you want realtime feedback/help, you can always find help for blener/panda at:

( you can use whatever app you want…xchat is multiplatform,or MIB, whatever suits you )

#panda3d, #blender

cu there ;0-