Hello from me

Just thought i’d say hello and introduce myself. I finished my HND diploma in game development about 5 months ago and since then been setting up my own interactive media company for educational games and architectural work. Most of my work has been developed using the Reality Engine from Artifical Studios and I was looking for a open source alternative for the educational side of the company and Panda really impressed me ! I come more from a visual design side (3d max, level design, texture artist) though have done work in direct x and made a few small 3D apps. Panda really caught my eye as it seems easy to code which is good for me and really look forward to experimenting with it to see what it can do. :smiley:


Hope you will enjoy your work with Panda


I was doing some market research in to kids games and came across ToonTown…its wasnt until a few months later that after some more research I discovered what engine it used, and also that it was open source

Hello and welcome to the “club”! :slight_smile: