HeightMap or Model?

I am going to make a big map with some small mountains and things like that. Is it better to make it using heightmaps? even having to position every object in the heightmap, like trees or even houses? Or is it better to make a big single model of the whole scenery?

And i couldnt find tutorials using heightmaps in panda. Can someone post some links here?

Thanks a lot :smiley:

here: panda3d.org/manual/index.php/Terrain
BTW the panda manual is your prime source of information - searching carefully there should answer 90% of your questions and you’ll find also pieces of code to play with, especially at the beginning of your learning. good hunting,

Thanks for the link. But then you are saying that the best idea is to make an heightmap and position all the other scenery objects after that?

And how can I make a file storing all the configuration for each scenery and read it to position every thing in the right place?

I know it can be very complicated, but i already worked with other engines and i never managed to do this.

again thanks for any help

if you’re going to follow the heightmap tecnique that’s the way, but basically I just sent you where you may found what panda3D got to actually offer to you to build your game. The questions you’re asking should be automatically answered in several manual chapters so I suggest you again to read each manual chapter and then you’ll came here again with other less basic questions because they should be wiped reading the manual.

Ok, thanks for the patience. I’m gonna read the whole manual. :frowning:

heh don’t be sad, after 4 years here the manual is still a learning source for me as well, don’t underestimate it. :wink: