hdr example?

Hey guys, can anyone show an example of using hdr lightning? All I can accomplish is making my scene darker.

Hey, there was some code for hdr in the .zip I post in deferred shading thread, but it’s not very clean atm, I can post it later if you are interested as I’m rewriting the final code.

But there are some problems with it, it is not true hdr, it’s more like a bloom effect, because for true hdr you need to use 16 bits textures (or maybe more can’t verify atm), and there is no way to get them with panda, at least in python and if you don’t want to rewrite panda libraries.

There is a way to encode higher precision textures in 8 bits textures but it didn’t work for me :frowning:

you can watch the current fake hdr in one of my videos ( the first videos), later I will have a look at tonemapping adaptation / eye light exposition, it’s not that hard to implement, and I will post it (it is the nice eye adaptation effect you can see in HL2 when you are inside a building and go outside).

I mean the hdr which comes with Panda.