Having issues creating .egg file

Hi, I’m very new to panda3d, so sorry if im posting in the wrong section. I created a model in MakeHuman and imported it into blender. In blender I linked all of the texture nodes and exported the final model as a .egg file using yabee. when I load the .egg model into panda3d, the model is just a white pair of shoes, when it’s supposed to be a model of a human with colour. I couldn’t find many tutorials on creating .egg files and this problem has been bugging me for over a week. :frowning:

Two things come to mind:

First, regarding the fact that you’re only seeing shoes, does your model have multiple parts (rather than being a single mesh)? If so, select all of the parts that you want export (note that this includes the armature itself!): YABEE only exports the selected objects, I believe.

If that alone doesn’t work, try checking the box labelled “Merge actor” in the YABEE interface (in my version the check-box is located towards the bottom of the left-hand panel).

As to the shoes being white, are you perhaps using materials (without textures) to colour your model? If so, try lighting your model: as I recall, Panda only displays material colours on lit models. (I think that an ambient light might be enough for this, if you don’t want lighting in your game.) Textures should show up, however–if you’re using textures, then the problem may be one of UV-mapping.

Have you been using the “Pview” option in YABEE? (In my version, the check-box is at the very bottom of the left-hand panel, I believe) If not, I do recommend it as a way to spot these issues before you return to your program: when the option is checked, it should load the exported model into PView; in there you should be able to view your model and play the exported animations.

A few usful PView key-commands:
‘l’: Toggle lighting on and off–useful for showing material colours.
“p”: Toggle per-pixel lighting (when lighting is on, as described above).
“c”: Centre the model in the view–useful when the model is very big, very small, or offset from the origin.

Finally–just to be on the safe side–check that your version of Blender matches your version of YABEE: I’ve seen a few issues caused by using a version of Blender more recent than the version for which the latest release of YABEE was made, as I recall.

Thank for the quick reply. I will try these solutions when I get back home. My model does have different parts(suit, shoes, hair, etc.), and i havent checked if I selected them all. Also, I have different textures for different parts of the body, should I keep all the textures in the same folder as the .egg file? And as for the light, does it matter where it is located, or should i surround the model in lights so it is proportionally lit?

That shouldn’t cause the problem that you’re seeing, I don’t believe. As an aside, however, I do recommend using YABEE’s “Copy texture files” option as it can result in any absolute file paths–which may trip you up later in development–being replaced with relative paths.

As far as I’m aware, you should be fine as long as there is at least one light that affects your model.

So I selected the new folder in blender that contains all of the MakeHuman model’s textures,bones, and basically everything, and this time I exported it using Pview. I connected the right texure nodes, and I can see the model and all its colours and textures in render mode (f12 i think). Merge actor was selected in yabee, but when I export the final .egg model, the pview window is all grey and there is no actor :frowning:. Also I added lighting by checking the environment lighting box in the world tab in blender. I uploaded the folder containing my makehuman files to a random google drive account I just made.

email: pandahelp333@gmail.com
pass: panda3dhelp


Also, I just made sure that my blender was version 2.66, since that is the latest one yabee supports… and I made sure i have the yabee for 2.66 too :stuck_out_tongue:.

Nothing seems to be working :frowning:

I’m not sure that I’m following you–how do you select a folder in Blender’s 3D view? Is this a feature that I’m not aware of, or did you take it that I meant some other form of selection? o_0

For the sake of clarity, I meant that, in the 3D view of Blender, once your model has been imported, select all elements that you want to export, as though you wanted to move or scale them all. Then, with those objects selected, go to “File->Export->Panda3D (.egg)” and export them via YABEE.

Just to check: In PView, did you press “c” to centre the view on your model, in case it’s offset, or has a problematic scale?

Er, perhaps I should have been more clear, sorry: I meant Panda lighting, not Blender lighting. In your game, add a light (such as a DirectionalLight); in PView, simply press “l”.

I’m new to blender and modelling software in general, so pardon my stupid mistakes :stuck_out_tongue:. By select folder, I meant I selected the mhx file in the top right corner that holds the pose, bone groups, and different parts of the model. so anyways, I exported just the suit, and in Pview the suit is all white, even though I connected the right texture node to the model of the suit. When I hold B and select the whole model and export it… I get this error

error - postimg.org/image/btokgxzsp/

Also something I noticed and thought was weird. Here is my model in render mode(f12) in Blender Render

and here is the model in render mode in cycles mode


To be honest, I’ve never used MakeHuman, so I’m not at all familiar with the process of importing its files into Blender.

As to the error, at a guess, do you have a modifier applied to your model? (If you’re not sure, check: in the “Properties” view, select the “Object Modifiers” tab; you should see any modifiers listed there, I would think.)

Ah, looking at your screenshots I believe that I see what you mean now. I don’t use that particular view, myself, and am not familiar with it, so I don’t know whether selection in there is appropriate for exporting with YABEE–sorry! :confused:

Hmm… That is odd… I’m afraid that I don’t know what’s causing that. :confused:

In yabee there is an apply modifiers option. I unchecked it, and in pview I could see the whole model, but its all white, and it has a suit and shoes(they are white too). When I add lighting in Pview, the model looks exactly like this


Ah, some progress, I believe! This is a guess, but perhaps YABEE doesn’t properly handle some modifier or other that’s applied to your model–again, it might be worth checking (as I described above, I believe) to see what modifiers might be active on your model.

I conducted a little experimentation, and seem to have replicated this behaviour by creating an object, assigning a material to it, and then enabling transparency in that material, with the alpha value set to zero.

So, check your materials: it may be that one of them has transparency enabled.

(Naturally, it could well be that there are other potential causes of this effect–this is simply one possibility that I’ve discovered.)

When I disabled transparency in the Material tab for the suit and shoes, and removed all of the masks from the object modifiers tab… I could see my whole model in Pview, including shoes and suit, but it was all white. When i press l, i just see the naked model of my human with the proper skin colour(the skin is not a texture). So basically when I add lighting in Pview, the skin turns to skin colour(instead of white), and I can see the whole body but the clothes are invisible.


All right, I’ve done a little more experimentation; when you turned off transparency, did you also increase the alpha value to 1? It seems that (when a material is present, at least) YABEE uses that value for the diffuse alpha value regardless of whether “transparency” is checked.