Has someone tried to do 2d games using 3d view?


I’m pretty bad modeling and texturing, 12 years using Blender with poor results, but i can draw and paint averagely, so i was thinking about creating a 2d game using 3d view… only quads using textures and spritesheet for animation, Z is true 3d depth, something like Disney’s multicamera works for animation so it is a 2d game with 3d implicit parallax effect depending of the Z distance on each quads…

The attached image is a 2d game, imagine this 2d game in a 3d space, where the background is a rectangle which pos is Vector3 (0, 0, 50), the player sprite is in (0, 0, 0) the foreground grass is in (0, 0, -20) … camera is in (0, 0, -30), player and camera move only horizontal, scrolling on X, the parallax effect is automatic since this is real 3D view.

A very long topic for a simple explanation, how are games like this called?.. 2.5D ?


I believe that I’ve done something similar, indeed–although I forget offhand whether I made use of depth to implement parallax or z-sorting.

As to the term “2.5D”, I think that it’s applied to a few different things: 3D games that only function in 2D (e.g. the original DOOM); sprite-based games that allow movement “into and out of” the screen as well as along the plane of the screen; and so on.

As to what games like this are called, I’m not sure that there is a term specific to this method. “2.5D” might be applied, but as mentioned above, that can be applied to other things, too.

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