hardware instancing fails with "display-lists 1"

After calling setInstanceCount on a node, the result is the error:

:display:gsg:glgsg(error): at 3009 of c:\work\source\panda\src\glstuff\glGraphicsStateGuardian_src.cxx : invalid operation

Panda does not crash, but the objects do not render. Without this setting, it works fine. Too bad, because it did seem to give a little performance boost for free.

Instancing is not supported with display lists, as far as I know. Display lists are an outdated functionality to macro draw calls. Panda uses the more powerful (and should be faster, too) Vertex Buffer Objects instead. These should work with instancing.

Right, in general, there is no reason to ever set “display-lists 1” unless you are running on 1990’s era Silicon Graphics computers. Modern graphics hardware doesn’t gain any performance advantage from display lists.


Guess I’ll stick with the defaults from now on. :slight_smile: