Hardware based instancing and visibility

I had a look at the hardware based instancing demo at: etc.cmu.edu/projects/pandase/downloads.html

If the first created Ralph is not on screen all the marching Ralph’s disappear with it. How can one overcome this?

The easiest way is to disable frustum culling:


The best way would be to manually create a bounding volume that encapsulates all of the ralphs, but that’s not easy.

Hi rdb,

I’m facing the same issue.

Is the frustum culling disabling a “quick and dirty” solution or is it something quite clean and the “official” solution if I don’t want to do the volume computation ? Would it have any drawbacks for my scene ?

Edit: after thinking a while, I understand the drawbacks --> the meshes would be always visible even if I’m looking the opposite way. So I think we really have no choice but the the bounding computation …