Hard Surface Rigs

Hello everyone,

So im curious. Every supported 3d data format says “object animation” is not supported. So my intution says this would mean animations of transform in blender. Does this apply to things rigged with constraints? Would something like this work? Im not that familiar with animation, so i dont know if thats considered an armature or not.

In fact, this is possible in Panda3D. Correlate each object in the blender with a bone, then just animate the bone. You can simply quantize the transformation of the object each frame and write it as a file.

But to do this, you need to write your own script in a blender. This trick is working and has been tested in action, but the script is already outdated.


As far as I know, Rig is inextricably linked with bones.

Great yeah, it looks like my test walk works! Not to learn how to use blender animation! Thanks @serega-kkz