hard crash at cnodepath.show() with 1.5.0 on OSX

I have experienced very hard crashes using 1.5.0 under osx (the only thing you can do is power-off-hard).

The crash seems to be caused by cnodePath.show() (having a collisionSphere as child), while having a collisionray being cast througth this object at this moment. The bug was not allways reproducable, but since i have removed the .show i had no crashes.

the code setup i was using is:

  • object creates collisionsphere from the model.getBounds() (center & radius), attached to model.cnodepath
  • a collisionRay is traversing render colliding on mouseclicks
  • if a collision with the object is detected, show the models.cnodepath.
  • i also tried reparenting the object to a nodepath attached to the camera, not sure if this had a influence.

Hmm. A very hard crash of this nature strongly suggests a bug in the graphics driver.


I have fought about this as well. Because the system continues to run. However the screen doesnt update anymore at all. It might also be related with the usage of shaders, altough while i have the editor active (it’s a small start for a scene editor im working on) i have set render.setShaderOff(10000). But i dont know how much gets disabled when doing that.

It’s actually a macbook pro 2.0GHz with a ATI x1600 256MB. (just for reference is somebody experiences the same)