Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all! Let the Panda3D gets better and get more fans in the coming year!

P.S. For my part I will try to make a small gift to the community in the upcoming holiday weekend.

Thank you so much! Happy new year!

Thank you! Best wishes to you as well, and to the hopefully ever-growing Panda3D community.

Happy new year everyone! :slight_smile:

up )
Happy New Year community!
p.s. It became my little tradition )

Thanks and happy new year to the whole Panda3d community!

I also take this opportunity to say ‘a big Thanks!’ to all the contributors (rdb, tobspr, wezu, yourself and many others…) for the huge and amazing work done so far.

I do agree. I would say that we should (probably) try focusing in 2016 on how we can make Panda more visible and attractive to people (as a key 2016 objective). Its popularity is below its value and that’s certainly relating to communication to a certain extent. Having a growing user population is key and should not be considered as optional.

So how about (sorry to bring up some old topics guys! Please, I don’t want to use this thread to start debating in detail on all the following topics but I just wanted to bring a (very) personal PoV):

  • the website new design proposed by tobspr? [url]Panda3D Rebranding]
  • enhancing the manual, in particular by creating tutorials on the GLSL/shading part with some cutting-edge effects (e.g. why not trying to use some shadertoys example - https://www.shadertoy.com- and propose a full Panda adaptation? It will help beginners to start with GLSL and attract them ('Yes, it is possible to do it with Panda!’)
  • strongly highlighting in the Panda website all the recent games/realizations done (incl. the testimonies of the game makers in the blog - ‘Yes, I made it with Panda’)
  • making communication in some gaming/python/… forums.
  • setting up a Panda3d ‘WW’ conference / meeting, in order for the community to exchange /meet,share its views on the future of Panda,…

Again, many thanks and let’s go for 2016!

Great to hear I hope 2016 is a brilliant year for everyone.