Halls of the Devourer: A Minigame

Halls of the Devourer is a minigame that I created to go along with my KeyMapper module; since the latter doesn’t seem to be getting much interest, and I quite like this little game, I thought that I’d post it here.

Download link (P3D)

(The screenshots seem to be cut off at the right, although they seem fine when viewed individually; I presume that this is a limitation imposted by the forum software, pehaps intended to prevent images from breaking the layout. ^^;

This is, more or less, a mini or “coffee-break” Binding-of-Isaac-like; a micro-rogue-lite (a rogue microlight? :stuck_out_tongue:), if you will: you have a single attacking spell, face randomly-generated levels, and can have a single item at a time, and face enemies (and a boss) with randomly-generated attacks (and movement patterns, in the case of standard enemies)–but there are only four levels per game (plus one empty “starter” level), a single enemy model and a single boss. Each playthrough should be over quickly, in death or victory.


  • Randomly-generated levels
  • Randomly-generated enemy abilities
  • 10 items available from the in-game “shop”
  • 4 attacking spells, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.


  • Items–including those that replace your attacking spell–have no effect until they’re used: if you take a spell-replacement your spell should only be replaced when you actually use the item.
  • All player attacks are charged attacks: hold down the mouse button to charge the spell and release when desired. Beware, however, of overloading the spell…
  • The collision system that I implemented is a little iffy; in retrospect it would likely have been better to have just used the Panda collision system.
  • There’s no sound: it’s a minigame originally created as a demonstration of the KeyMapper module, and sound isn’t my forte. My apologies for this. ^^;

I’ve edited this in above, I believe, but I’m posting it here in case it’s missed by anyone who may have already downloaded the game and who may miss it in that long post:

  • There’s no sound: it’s a minigame originally created as a demonstration of the KeyMapper module, and sound isn’t my forte. My apologies for this. ^^;

My apologies for the multi-post. ^^;

This is just to announce that I’ve made a small update to the game, correcting an error that slipped by me: while attempting to solve a problem in which the P3D version of the game didn’t allow me to specify the size of the window, I experimentally set the screen size to something fairly wide. Since the problem hasn’t been fixed (relevant thread here), I didn’t notice that I’d left that line in. It should (hopefully) be fixed now. ^^;

Hello, Thaumaturge. I cannot get past the first screen. When I enter the doorway, a choice is given of 3 items. There are some issues:
1)Sometimes you don’t have enough potions to purchase items
2)Even if you hapen to buy an item, nothing happens, and the only thing you can do is to exit to main menu.

Hi! Thank you for trying the game. :slight_smile:

To answer your points:

  1. This is intentional, although I should perhaps have provided some indication to this effect: it’s built with certain rogue-like principles, including the fact that you may simply not have the reosurces to buy items when they’re presented. (You can see this at times in the shops of games like The Binding of Isaac and Our Darker Purpose, I believe.)

Note that items that you don’t have sufficient potions to buy are shown with their cost and backdrop in red to indicate that they are unavailable.

  1. This is my fault, I fear: there is a way to move forward, but it’s perhaps not very clearly labelled as such. In the shop screen, once you’re ready to move to the next level, look for the door in the bottom-right of the screen. Click on that door and you should enter the next level.

There is one significant bug here, however: if the window isn’t at the intended size (if, for instance, the issue metioned in my last post above affects you) then the image of the door may be off-screen; in this case, just click towards the bottom-right of the screen and you should progress.

I’m honestly not sure of how best to fix this last: the window-size issue doesn’t seem to be an issue in my own code, based on my thread regarding the issue. On the other hand, the shop uses a single large image for its backdrop, making alignment of the image and the (invisible) door-button problematic. (And if I were to accurately locate the button with the door the former might end up as much off-screen as the latter in the case of the afrementioned bug.) :confused:

1)Now I see. First I thought that I can’t proceed because of that.
2)There is a piece of door image in the bottom right. I clicked and was able to exit. Maybe you should state it more explicitly (“exit” label on the cursor when it is over the door, for example).
It is nice that you have included the key mapping feature. I find it more comfortable to play with movement keys on WASD, so you don’t have to move your left hand around the keyboard (especially in combat that is very fast-paced).

Regarding the exit: After I posted last night I decided to simply add an explicit “continue” button, unconnected to the backdrop door (save for also being at the bottom-right of the screen), which should remain on-screen even when the window-size bug takes effect.

I’ve updated the p3d, and you should be able to download it using the link in the first post. :slight_smile:

I’m glad that you mentioned that–thank you!

Indeed, this minigame was originally created, as I recall, as an example game for the key-mapping system that it uses.

(In fact, if I may confess, I intentionally made the default bindings a little awkward in order to encourage players to use the key-binding interface.)