hair and cloth animation from blender

Hi every one. I have a rigged character with physical simulated hair and cloth in Blender 2.7. May I know how can I export to Panda3D? I have tried the egg format, but the physical simulated parts are missing in the egg file. Thank you very much!

Hair and cloth sims cannot be exported to Panda as neither EGG nor BAM have a way to store this information. However, you should be able to bake these to regular meshes and shape key animations. These should be exportable to Panda.

Thank you for the reply. I am new to shape key and need some helps on converting the simulation to vertex animation.

The cloth has both armature transformation and physics simulation. After baking, I exported the animation to a mdd file. After importing the mdd again, I have a serial shape key frames like below.

Then, I freed the bake and wanted to export using Yabee. However, I found the cloth’s position is shifted away from the body:

And of course, cannot be displayed normally in panda3d.

How may I solve the problem, or any correct way to follow? Thank you very much.