GUIs: is PyUI is the answer?

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I was looking into wxPython to create GUIs but it seems to me that it isn’t possible to customize visual elements like borders, buttons and scrollbars, as they are tied to those available to the desktop. Of course I could use the DirectGUI functionality available through Panda but I was hoping to be able to plug-in a slightly higher level library. I have a few relatively complex widgets to develop and I’d rather focus on the specific challenges than having to deal with dynamic resizing of frames and their content.

Especially given that I’d like to keep an eye on accessibility, for which it is essential to give the user the chance to increase font size and everything around it. Unless I’m just inexperienced with Panda, I don’t see this being particularly easy to do with DirectGUI. Possible yes, but a bit time-consuming.

Are there other options then? Currently the only one I could find that seems to fit the bill is possibly PyUI. Does anybody have some experience with it and its integration in Panda?

Thanks for your help!


PyUI is outdated and does not work that well in openGL mode any ways. It would be hard to get it to work with panda3d, in fact as hard as writing a new one. I have some patches that fix some of PyUI bugs but i dropped it and rewrite my own (which became basis of TreeGUI)

Panda3d has direct gui that you can use or you can use my TreeGUI with panda3d which has some neat features and i will add more features based on requests.