GUI Editing

i want to create a GUI for a game but i can’t set the position and orientation of elements exactly.
is there any way to edit GUI visually?
2nd paragraph.

Thank you ThomasEgi
how can i use it.
i read the manual but i cant understand what should i do.
is this capability works in c++ code?

quoting from the manual

information about the config.prc file are also available in the manual.

just set the variable there to True. Start your game, and edit your gui elements like described in the manual.

you may want to print out the values of your gui elements, then use those values in your code.

works for both, panda and python.

In C++ the high-level DirectGui system is not available; instead, you implement a gui using the lower-level PGui on which DirectGui is based. But this system doesn’t have built-in support for direct-gui-edit.

So, if laying out a gui visually is important to you, you have four choices:

(1) Do all of your work in Python.
(2) Lay out the gui in Python initially, then convert it to PGui.
(3) Implement something like direct-gui-edit for PGui.
(4) Use some gui system other than Python’s native gui system.


hi David
What do you mean other GUI system?
Can you tell me an example?
Can i use these GUIs with panda3d’s functions and classes?

People have implemented or ported various other GUI systems for Panda. Examples are CEGUI, librocket, treegui, and probably others. They are all in various stages of completeness. Try searching the forums for more information.


Thank you david
i want to program with CEGUI but how can i connect it to panda?
i found this code example but it is outdated. i want an example to start.

I suggest you try to contact the person who made that example. I know little about it.