:grutil(error): Failed to load heightfield image...


I’ve seen this issue with others before. It’s not a path problem the config file hack has been working for weeks. I’m loading models from my own model directory, same with textures, animations etc. everything works fine,

And has been working fine for some time. The height field is next to textures I’ve been loading and using for over a month. And the HF 1025 by 1025.

Yet I get:

“:grutil(error): Failed to load heightfield image myworld_hm.png!”
“:grutil(error): No valid heightfield image has been set!”

It was marked (resolved) some time ago in another thread, by switching versions: as I believe I have the latest version of Panda, such a remedy would be problematic for me at best.

Any help in the resolution of this issue would be most appreciated.



Are you sure that the image is actually present in a location accessible from the application? To find out, try the full, absolute path just to see if the image even loads then.

If it’s not an image with finding but with loading the image, then you should post the .png file so we can reproduce the error.

I don’t know if this helps, but I once had the issue that panda couldn’t find my textures. Using


solved the Problem for me. Could be worth a try.

Yes I am, I have attached a cutout of a screenshot wherein I used a texture picked at random with the extra step of a 1 added to both width and height from the scene: It will not load either. It’s the rust colored one, so it loaded on the run-time geometry, but failed to load as a height map.

Thank you but no it didn’t work.

Oh Tobias, I have seen some of your work: very good.

Can you post the terrain .png so we can reproduce the error?

Hmmm this should work:


It was made in L3DT.