Grey blender model becomes greenish during import


I’m back after some years and currently want to create a flight simulator in Panda3D.
I have modeled a simple bf 109 aircraft in blender 2.8 and exported it using glTF.
The exported texture is grey with slightly green tint:
(-- screenshot removed, because as a new user, I can only add one image --)

But after loading in Panda (using the gltf importer I installed via pip), it looks really green:

I have not added light, so it should be lit by 100% white ambient light, shouldn’t it.

Do you have any clue what I did wrong or how I can make it look similar to the original Blender model?


… but I can answer with a screenshot of the exported texture. :slight_smile:

Looks to me like the saturation has increased. According to gimp, the satuartion of the light parts is about 10% of 105° (hue) green. The result in Panda has about 20% of 105° green.
Also the other colors look darker/more intense.

In case it helps, this is the Blender 2.8 view

Maybe try the simplepbr library, if you aren’t already.

Here is my game without:

And here is my game with:

It’s not perfect, but the second picture much better represents the blender scene.

It’s very easy to add. First, install it with pip.

pip install panda3d-simplepbr

Second, add this line to the __init__ of your ShowBase inheriting class. That is, from this:

class Interface(ShowBase):
    def __init__(self):

to instead this:

class Interface(ShowBase):
    def __init__(self):


In fact, I’ve watched this whole video Panda3D Part 14 – Loading glTF Objects in Panda3D - YouTube at once and then missed this initialization. Without simplepbr I couldn’t load the video at all and after installation it was possible. So I assumed that was it, but alas …

Now it works perfectly fine:

Thank you very much!

ps: Great what you’ve made out of that pool billard game. I’ve seen your video in the demonstration channel, where everything was still flat. What are you planning to do? I could imagine a “pub mode”, where the table is lit from a spotlight above an the rest of the room fades in smoke and shade. :smiley:

For what it’s worth, to make it appear with the same colors without using simplepbr, you need to set framebuffer-srgb 1 in Config.prc.