Graphical Artifact + missing textures.

This is what I get:

I’ve transferred a model from the Sketchup warehouse(skp>x>egg).

In the dx viewer there are no missing tex. But he dots appear too. To you get them too?

Tanks in advance.

Both the image and rarfile are down for me.

Here it goes:

I am really really osrry for the size, but I couldn’t get a thumbnail… :frowning:

btw I got a new tablet - Genius F610. Easily rox!

knock knock

the texture should overlap the uv-maps a bit at every point, but thats not allways enougth. i recommend to make the background of the image the same color as the border of the figure (the spider in your case).

edit: on a second look, i think there is something weird with the geometry, you may have a duplicate, white model inside your spider?