Good Resources for Learning Panda3D

Does anyone have links to good resources that can be used to learn Panda3D? I chose to use this engine to develop games because it utilises Python, a programming language I am used to.
The Manual’s tutorial allowed me to learn some very basic basics, and I am sure the other resouces there would be amazing but I still need to learn some intermediate basics so its not as big a curve like stepping from a path into an endless grassland!

While video is prefferable, any good text resources are nice to; basic youtube searches brought up some help but they seem to vary in quality.

Thanks alot, Ben

Hi! The best resources are actually reported in the manual (here).

Thank you; I clearly need to look closer in the manual!

As a heads up, the two books by @wolf (Panda3D Game Development and Panda3D Art Creation with Blender) are some of the most up-to-date resources currently available for Panda3D, and they are by far the most up-to-date books. They are also free, so definitely worth checking out.

I would also recommend looking through the Sample Programs.

Other unofficial samples which are very interesting: fireclawthefox’s ones, TheCheapestPixels’ ones.

I am a beginner and trying to record videos as I am learning.
These video list may help you if you are using Blender for creating characters and other assets:

Have fun,