"Godot" game engine?

As much as I love Panda3D, there’s no denying that there are and probably will be for a while some missing things like support form some mobile platforms.
So this is very interesting to me, as I’ve searched for another open source engine and don’t see any at this quality.
gamefromscratch.com/post/201 … ource.aspx

and its released godotengine.org/

Interesting read on its python like scripting language: godotengine.org/wiki/doku.php?id=gdscript

Yeah they seem fans of python and panda3d (noticed they have our beloved NodePath type). Too bad they sided with their custom language and not python. I mean seriously… they could use some tiny no-batteries python offshoot instead of full-blown new language. oh well…

Yeah I’d like it to use Python too, would be easier for me to port some of my Panda projects to mobile platforms.
I use some 3rd party Python libraries so it’s going to be really hard rewriting everything.

But I guess there’s a reason so many game engines use custom languages. I mentioned the drawbacks, but on the other hands its very simple to learn and use. I think the static typing will make it a faster option than Python.

maybe so, but introducing new language takes away existing tooks from developers. there will not be as good IDE for as there are for mainstream ones. libraries are great point too. oh well…

As far as porting to mobile, you might be able to use Project Anarchy. I don’t remember if it lets you use python or not though(uninstalled to save memory while I’m learning coding), and I couldn’t find it on the site. Check it out though.