GMAX Exporter


So I’d like to be able to create my own assets, and I have experience with GMAX (plus, it’s free!) so I’d like to use that. The manual page cites a Flight Simulator plugin, but that link doesn’t appear to be valid anymore. I searched high and low, but everything I found was either a dead link, and one I actually got was a corrupt file. Is there anyone with better google-fu than I, or does anyone have the files?


gmax is pretty much a no-go. If you need a free tool use Blender; using gmax for working with Panda would be borderline illegal (depending of course on what exactly you have in mind to do.)

Using gmax wouldn’t be illegal, what are you talking about?

I suggest moving on from gmax, it has been discontinued sense 2005, that was 4 years ago. I also strongly recommend learning blender if you want a quality free product.

Thanks guys…way to make me feel old :laughing:
Last time I did 3D modelling was in high school; I’m a coder, not an artist.

Anyways, thanks, I’ll try out Blender.