.gltf file is wrong when animation

Hello guys
I got character with animation in mixamo.
so in blender3.5, I export fbx to gltf !
and when i just set my .gltf without animation, it works well.

self.devil = Actor("2.gltf")
self.devil.reparent_to( self.render )

when I set .gltf with animation, my character get bigger, and very weird.

self.devil = Actor("2.gltf")
self.devil.reparent_to( self.render )

Do you know why this happen?
English is not my mother language, so it is very poor. I’d appreciate your understanding.
And thank you for reading my writing.

Are you using panda3d-gltf for loading glTF files, or Panda’s built-in glTF processing (done via Assimp)? If the former, please file an issue with panda3d-gltf with a sample file, and I can take a look at it. If you’re using Assimp, then give panda3d-gltf a shot.

Oh! I am using panda3d-gltf!
I issued your repository. Thank you for replying me!