GLSL "No errors." spam

Whenever I create a Shader object, for example like so…

Shader.load(Shader.SLGLSL, 'v.glsl', 'f.glsl', '')

…Panda is outputting “No errors.” in the console.

I tried enabling the gl-force-no-error PRC setting but it had no effect. Is there some other setting I can change to mute these messages?

This is almost certainly coming from the GLSL linker, and being output by either glsl_report_shader_errors() or glsl_report_program_errors() (both in glShaderContext_src.cxx). Try commenting out the GLCAT.error() lines in those functions and see if it goes away.

If that does fix it, I’d be interested to know what your configuration is. I’m not seeing this on my Win7 box w/Nvidia hardware or my Linux box w/ATI, but it seems likely that your GL driver is returning “No errors.” instead of “Success.” (n.b. that both of the functions above are checking to exclude an ‘error’ of “Success.” and may need to be updated to also exclude the error “No errors.”…sigh).


You are 100% correct.
This happens only when running on my Intel GPU (HD 3000). If I switch to discrete graphics (NVIDIA) there is no issue.
I filed a bug with a patch using the fix you suggested (works wonderfully).