Glow Problem...

Does anyone of you know how to make only some parts of a model glow while the others are rendered normal???

I used the code in the Glow Filter Tutorial on a textured sphere, but now the whole object is glowing…


there is a intro.html file in the glow-example folder. it’s explained how the glow is working and how to only make some parts of the model glow ( glow-information is taken from the alpha channel of the texture)

I’m so silly!!!
I always forget to look in the most obvious places.

THX ThomasEgi!

Hi, I am a new user on Panda3D.

sorry…I also have a question about the glow tutorial, may I ask…

As the description said, the alpha channel of the texture is used for glowing part of the model.

I found that there is a “tronally.png” texture in the glow tutorial folder. When I opened it in photoshop, it already is the glowing texture but not in the alpha channel.

Is there anything I made mistakes or do I misunderstand anything…? Thankyou for reading my text (I am not good in English :stuck_out_tongue:).

Photoshop moves the alpha channel into the image’s transparency mask. This is not what you want in this case. This has always driven me crazy about photoshop: there’s no way to load an image with an alpha channel. I do not know of any workaround.

In fact, I suspect that this bug in photoshop is the main reason that panda3D supports putting the alpha channel in a separate JPG.

It works for me, when loading the png and doing a decompose to RGBA.

THANKS EVERYONE :slight_smile: