I would like to enable MSAA for render texture. I’m using make_output() and add_render_texture() calls to setup output. According to OpenGL doc to make this work we need to bind texture with GL_TEXTURE_2D_MULTISAMPLE type and latter use sampler2DMS instead of sampler2D in shader. Is there any way to do that in Panda3D?

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Not at the moment. Currently, you can bind a 2D texture to a multisample FBO, which causes Panda to render into a multisample renderbuffer and then resolve it back into the regular 2D texture after rendering. This is usually adequate; it might be in your case too, I don’t know. Multisample textures only become relevant if you want to postpone the resolve.

However, multisample textures sound like it would be a fairly simple feature to implement. Would you be interested in contributing this feature yourself?

If not, no problem. Perhaps you could add this request as an issue on GitHub?