GIF aniGIF support added when????

I noticed mention of animated GIF in the docs for the new ETC editor. I thought Panda didn’t support GIF format, when did this get added. I used to use something called Flatland Rover which allowed aniGIF textures, this seems sooo much better than egg texture cards which only seems to make a card and is not therefore a way to put an anim texture on an object. If Panda now supports aniGIF this would be a lot easier for me and what I’m working on.

If it is a killer needed for your work why don´t use a more creative way to solve your problem while you waiting GIF support? Did you see in Panda3d samples texture-swapping? You can use gimp to separate your gif layers and save it in jpg/png and them animate the sequence in panda like in texture-swapping samples. If you got a huge collection of animated gifs and can´t do that hand2hand … python come to rescue you. There´s a module named Python Image Library aka PIL. This module can open your hundred animated gifs, separate it in layers, convert it in jpg/png, and save it :slight_smile: .

Panda is a game engine, you are a game developer, we must be creatives dude :slight_smile: !

Heck the elevator sample code shows how to do that, its not all that hard and the way i used to build the ones I’d used before with Flatland were built as individual images then put together with a prog that would take a series of images andmake an anigif from them. So I’m used to having to make them up like that Not hard for me per se but what I was considering was how it would be easier for my less knowledgable users. I had never heard of Panda supporting ANY form of GIF animated OR unanimated but i saw a reference to animated textures in the documentation about the new level editor that ETC is releasing and wondered if somebody has added some sort of support, that still hasn’t been documented yet or if they are integrating PIL as you suggest.
Don’t really know as my development system is still down and I’m using my girlfriend’s less capable sys at the moment and have but haven’t actually been able to run the new leveleditor to even see. U try compiling anything with only 256M RAM. Even simple Paqnda demos take 4ever and the HD just thrashes like crazy.

if your hdd spins like crazy when loading panda samples it may be due to the egg files. those load very slow especially on old hardware. you would want to convert the egg files to bam in that case (and keep an egg for backup purpose). bam files loads a LOT faster, and they load within reasonable ammounts of time even on very old hardware.

Actually using girlfriends sys right now and I’m pretty certain its low on RAM as it has only 256M and other things pagethrash as well. also just discovered reason I may not be able to run new leveleditor as well is I don’t have WX Python installed. It will run Craig’s older version of Infinite Ralph but its WAAAY slow and thrashes constantly doing that as well but at least it seems to support basic shaders OK just needs a gigabyte stick or two. Hopefully will have MY sys back soon.