Getting Started

Hello and thankyou for noticing this post.

sorry if i spell bad (i know) but this should be decent enough to understand at the least.

I am wanting to learn how to start into panda 3d but i am having these problems.

I do not know were to get started in learning python so i can do the panda 3d, as in i need a link to were i can learn it properly like(were you learned it maybe if its a good spot to learn it ?)

aswell idk what i would be learning it for or maybe what to really look for, i do not get what we have to do or just how we would go about adding the python into it if could please explain.

and maybe if you after i learn python maybe tutor me ?

i prefer picture helping tuts if possible if not its fine just if you can find one useful, and or videos. i dont know what to look for in a tut.

also tut on pand 3d please ? link ?

i know how to model in blender but i dont get how i would make and or apply animations if id need to make a model its skeleton and then animate and save it and then do another animation and save another file just for it or what ?

i dont need all answers but all would be appreciated and i do think having these answered might help everyone else that wants to get started if the solution works for me ill probably post it somewere and or make a few youtube videos to help others out.

how about reading some other threads? all these questions were already answered several times. for learning python, go to or search the web for ‘python + tutorial’ - there are tons of good sites.

as a starting point for panda3d i’d suppose the official manual. see the link in the black bar on top.

in my opinion you definitely must start from panda3D samples that are packed in the complete program package or you can download them separately, as well as the manuals and the whole P3D stuff here:
You’ll download python manuals here:

let me tell you though that there are no shortcuts to learn either python or panda3d but to study the code and reading the manuals, especially if you are new on both arguments. So you’ll want start execute each demo, see how it works, then open the script file and study with the help of the manuals and searching the forums the questions will araise.
This is definitely not a newbie environment but is not so that hard either and I guess is a good way to start learn how to code 3D games.
If you’ll then find all of this stuff too hard for you there is an easier alternative here: