Getting input from the user

Hi all,

I’m just wondering (I can’t seem to find a command reference anywhere), how do I get input (text, numbers, etc) from the user? For a quick and dirty test with Panda I just want to create a 2D game that will require the player’s name. How would I go about this? In BASIC it’s as simple as “Input [string var],[x],[y]”.


PS I would have done a search, but I can’t seem to find a search bar anywhere…?

there is a button labeled ‘search’ near the navigation bar. if you cant locate it, press ctrl+f to search for it.

what you are looking for is directEntry . you can find it in the manual here

Hey thanks! That looks easy. :slight_smile:

And dog gone it, search was right in front of me! Ugh. I’m just used to it being on the bottom of most forums. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for telling me where it is though. :slight_smile: