Getting a Host/Server?

I was working on a 3D game but due to lack of help had to stop my work on it but now i’m wanting to get back into the game but this time i’m going to start out with a 2D game that will be similar to Maplestory and other games, but one question i had before i get started is how can i get a Host or Server to open my game into a mmorpg like game?

Cause i dont really care anything about a single player game and i want to be able to make it a multiplayer online game but i just wanted to figure this out first just incase theres something coding wise ill need to add for it to work.

EDIT: Also if anyone would like to help me with this game just let me know by sending me a PM. I’m looking to have around 5 people to start this off. 1-2 ppl working on graphics and one more to help me with some of the coding and someone to do sound and music for the game.and possible one extra person that can help with other things.

YET ANOTHER EDIT: I might make the game in 3D along with some of the Panda3D tools depending on help i get.

make a good game, dedicated servers will come!

Note: every one and their mother is working on a mmorpg and they are interested in implementing their ideas not yours!

Good luck nonetheless!

well… mmo-servers are not that easy to write :stuck_out_tongue: not easy means not impossible either.
“open a game into mmorpg” … so you do have an existion one already?
well whatever. if you wanna have a 3d-game then panda might be your best choise, for 2d… well there are other engines specialized on this.

depending on what your game will look like i might join in for some time. have to re-build my networking framework anyway. also my world-pageing should be redone. aside from a few resturcturings in network opcode-handling and maybe protocoll chanfes i already have a potentially mmorpg-ready networking structure, no lag compensation yet but the basics are ok.

so… how aobut some details to your planned game :slight_smile: so me and others can decide if they wanna join in^

Torque Game Build is a Nice 2D builder even though it isnt free… it makes adding backgrounds and other things in a map ALOT easier but cost $100.

And my idea’s on the game, im still ocming up with some lol…

but i wanted to have a 2d view like maplestory cause 2d graphics are easier to make than 3d lol.
and for game play i was thinking of adding a good bit of classes to make the game more fun, like the all classic Warrior,Mage.
and some others like Assasin,Priest or Healer ect,Archer,and possibly a class that uses a Gun but im not sure on that yet, and a couple other classes i was thinking of adding but havent really got all the details cause its gonna be like a whole new class that any other game has.

and of course secondary classes of jobs like Merchant,Chef(Maybe),and some others.

but yea thats just a little bit of the idea i have.

but i havent found a 2D maker other than torque that i could use so im still looking for a 2d one.

but yea im still getting all my ideas together heh.

And im open to help but before i get people to start helping i wanted to get all my basic script’s together, Walking,jumping,fighting,making a character ect.

EDIT:I was checking on the web and seen this -

i havent tried it out yet but from what i see it looks to be a good 2d engine.

MORE EDIT’S: And if you have any ideas please tell me. and for the second profession/job im not sure yet if ill do that. and i might make the game like Role play till you reach lvl ? then you will be able to do PvP battles to spice the game up and stuff. but once i get my ideas together are wrote down ill post them here.

I just set down and wrote a HUGE list of things about what i’m looking to have in the game, but i wont be posting them on this board.
if you want to see them just PM me.

hm… first off. you should know what you want… either 2d or 3d. depending on that. choose an engine. there are other 2d- engines around. like SDL which i use for a small board-game.
2d-doesnt neccessarily means easyer. depending on the engine you use, panda+3d can be ways easier, if you’r lucky . your 2d-engins is even easyer than panda but not likely.

please correct me if i’m wrong,but i have the impression you’r rather new to game-makeing in general. that’s nothing bad at all. but you should invest some time to learn what you need in order to do what you want.
if you just want to walk around in a world. thats farily easy. simple fighting is still easy,too. but as soon as you add classes like mages, warriors , single professions… it’s getting a little more complicated.

step 1: know what you want and what you need for it.
if you havent already. make a list with the basic technical things you want to have in your game. things like 2d/3d , networking ability,particle-engine,sound, … and so on. if you have this, choose an engine fitting your needs. for 3d i absolutely would recommend panda. for 2d… well its more difficult

step2 : learn how you do what you want to do, and do it:
if you decided on an engine, read about it, how it’s used, do a few tutorials, learn about its abilities. and while doing so you can create a list of everything you want to have in your game, like classes, exact thoughts on the fighting system, stats and so on. if you have those too, you can start coding your game :slight_smile:

however. you can skipp all of the above and just start somewhere. miight work too, might cause a lot of extra work, and might not work at all…

and… maybe a good advice… you dont need to spend money in order to create a good game… either spend no money… or spend more than a few 10thousands$ :slight_smile:
anyway. get a good idea about what you’r trying to do, then do it:)
btw… a mmorpg is pretty much the hardest thing you can start with, even if it’s 2d.

Yea thats what i’m working on now to see if i can find a god 2d game engine or just use panda. i been doing a good bit of research online with 2d game engines and i found a couple that might work well but im not sure yet.

and as far as easy, well unless you made about 5 games thats good. game making is hard hehe, but yea what i was saying by 2d the graphics i could help make and such.

cody14w, i made a 2d mmorpg in one week before: … ase_id=743

i suggest make many smaller simpler easier games first.

Well what i was going to do was maybe like make the first step of the game(Nub island) than just go from there you know.

But i dont want to use the view like you got on yours though, im looking for that maplestory type of view you know.

and i wanted to add more skill into the gameplay instead of just clicking the monster and that be it, instead i wanted to make it were you press CTRL or any other keys to attack and use skills ect.