Getting a class from a NodePath

My game currently has vehicles that are parts of their own classes (e.g. a tank would be of class Tank, etc.)

I also have mouse picking implemented, and the user can click on a tank.

However, this returns the NodePath of the tank.

I’ve considered using tags to mark what class instance it belongs to, with no success.

Can someone suggest alternatives / workarounds?


you can use self.tankNodePath.setPythonTag(“TankClass”,self)
PythonTags work very similar to the “normal” tags. but instead of strings you can throw in pretty much everything provided by python.

Keep in mind that “self” will then never get garbage collected until you clear the python tag (as you create a cycle reference)

Cool, thanks, I didn’t know that was what setPythonTag was for (I thought it was the same thing :blush: )