get/setP help

hey guys

just a quick question from the noob :slight_smile:

i’m trying to control/limit the amount the object in my game can pitch up/down to change direction and am playing around with set and getP() functions. could one of you genius’ let me know what the values are for each orientation? for example if forward is 0 and up is 90 or whatever…?


You can always load a model, such as the zup-axis.egg, and try various combinations yourself to see what it does. This is particularly useful for running Python interactively.

But, to answer your question, p = 0 is level. p = 10 is 10 degrees either up or down, I forget which (I always have to load a model and see). p = 90 is straight up or down, I forget which. p = -10 and p = -90 is the opposite direction.

Note that when p = 90 and p = -90, h and r go kind of crazy. This is an inherent problem with Euler (yaw, pitch, roll) angles. Best to avoid this extreme pitch altogether.