GeoMipTerrain scaling

Hi there,

I’m using the following code to scale GeoMipTerrain, yet it seems to mess up the focal point which is set to the camera. I’ve tried changing the order of these statements, but still the focal point is only correct in a small part of the terrain (say the lower left quarter if i set sXY to 2).

Any ideas on how to solve this?




Hmm, I’ve never set the x and y scale on my terrain, just the z; but when I set the focal point I use: window->get_camera(0) not window->get_camera_group(),
if that makes any difference, not sure…

Thanks for your reply!

I’d like to scale the terrain as i would like my world te be in meters & the heightmap i’m using will have only 1 pixel per GU, instead of 1 per 10GU as i would like it to be.