geomipterrain scaling difference linux/windows

i have observed a differnce between 1.5.4 linux and 1.5.4 ubuntu in the geomipterrain. under windows it looks like it’s scaled twice as big as under linux. a terrain scaled by (2.5, 2.5,5) in windows is the same size like a terrain scaled by (5,5,5) und linux (z-axis scale stays the same on both systems). im have not checked yet if it’s related to a different renderers.

i have not tested it very well, but it’s unlikely that my code messed this up. i’d just like to hear if anybody else has observed this?

Impossible. Are you sure it’s your scale, and its not the heightfield that got rescaled by GeoMipTerrain because you failed to give a power-of-two-plus-one image?

you’re right, the terrain image is rescaled to 513x513 under windows, while under linux it’s 257x257. but still there must be a difference how images are handled between those systems (the image is the same). The image that is used is 257x257 pixels large, i also cant see any loader message where it would rescale it.

in my opinion geomipterrain should allways return a terrain of a specific size, no matter how large the height-image is (like 1*1 units large terrain). this would first make it consistent on every system automatically and second i woudnt have to fix the terrain scaling everytime i change the image used (or if i change it’s resolution). in this case it would also be more consistent with how texturing works usually. (i know i can fix that in my code easily, but i think it makes more sense to do that in geomipterrain)

Uh, it is consistent on every system.
I’d bet my bottom dollar that you’re running a different version there. In 1.5.4, I rewrote the heightfield loading system, so it’s possible that incorrect sizes are handled differently now.

But the manual clearly documents that it is actually not valid to have an heightfield with invalid size. Among the reasons are that the terrain’s size can be slightly off, which is the problem you are having.

Actually, maybe I should just throw an error when an invalid size is given. That would reduce this confusion.

the image is of a correct size… 257x257, but you’re right, windows is 1.5.3 vs linux which is 1.5.4.

Still woudnt it make sense to have a terrain keeping it’s size consistent, whatever size the image has?

If the image is of a correct size, and the scale still differs, that’s a bug. But are you very sure of this?

As to your second question: No, because all terrain editors & renderers I know of do it this way. Also, I’m not gonna break backward compatibility now.