GeoMipTerrain and PNMImages

So I’m trying to explore terrain building a bit and not having too much luck.
I’ve created a .pgm file from the PNMImage.write function and have confirmed it looks like a legitimate height map in a simple image viewer. But then my calls to generate terrain from this PNMImage isn’t working. It just takes a while to generate and then creates a white, flat square.

Code below
(o, and the image is 2049x2049)

GeoMipTerrain *terrain = new GeoMipTerrain("terrain");
terrain->set_color_map(Filename("file.pgm")); // not necessary, but i figure it would show up gray scale

Basically the same thing from the documentation, just added flatten to speed it up.

In order for you to be able to see the height differences, you’ll want to apply a non-uniform scale in the Z axis, such as set_sz(100) on the root NodePath.

O man, that was on the document, completely missed that line.
Alright, so that is giving me height, but I’m still not seeing a ‘color map’ show up. It should be projecting an image onto this terrain, right?

You should for most purposes use a texture instead of a colour map if you want to texture the terrain.