geomipmap terrain again

I finally decided to move to pro geomipterrain, but the point is that i would need to modify the vertices of the geomipmesh myself, and also remove some vertices for making the multitexture effect, that basically consist on some layers of meshes one over the other handling only the vertices that correspond to the texture

instead of one big mesh there will be like 10 different meshes each one with their corresponding texture.

so, can the geomipterrain be accessed and modified?
could anyone provide a quick example or some method?
is there a better way to do that?


I don’t really see why you would modify the vertex data itself – if you really need multiple instances, you can instance the terrain nodepath?

I don’t see any way it can be modified, without modifying the geoMipTerrain source itself, sorry.

yep just what i thought : (
anyway, if i was able to read the matrix of vertex positions i could handle all with that, just replicating some parts of the mesh in the places where i want.

Generating the vertex positions yourself using the heightmap is incredily easy. It’s the polygon connections that are frustrating to do.

The GeoMipTerrain source can be found here, here and here. If you manage to fix it to support treeform’s multitexturing, I’d be glad to include those changes.
If you don’t feel like C++ coding, you can also give me a clear description on how it works and what I’d need to do to make it work, and I can also try to integrate it for a next release whenever I find time. (I am currently working very hard on a collada importer.)
But sorry, further than that I don’t see a way how I can help making treeform’s multitexturing work.

don’t worry at all,
probably i’ll write a nice complete explanation and i’ll post in in a few days, to see if you can implement it.
have luck with collada translation :slight_smile: