GeoMipMap Multitexture Heightmap

Hi there. I am having problems loading my .X terrain files from file. I call loader.LoadModel, and it returns nothing, and gives me no error.

So - this mesh originated from a black and white PNG heightmap, so I thought I’d give the GeoMipTerrain module a try. That one doesn’t work so well for me - it gives me a very low poly model that is incompatible with the multitexturing code I have set up, that comes in pure white.

Do you know how to get decent error messages out of the loader.LoadModel function, or apply a multitexturing to a terrain created in memory? Any assistance you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

The loader.loadModel function will return None if an error occurred. There should be some errors in the console.

About the GeoMipTerrain: you’ll need to tweak the settings to make it higher-poly. As to why your multitexturing code doesn’t work: I have no idea. You’d need to post some code then.

Sure, here’s the demo I was working on. It’s a modification of the Nature demo, without the grass, and I was trying to use a custom heightmap for the geomipterrain.

To see the original demo without grass, leave variable Old set to True. To see what I was starting on, set variable Old to False.

Nothing? Darn, that’s too bad. I would have thought others needed a multitextured geomipterrain tutorial as well.

Certainly there is nothing wrong with the GeoMipTerrain and multitexturing shaders. Works fine for me.

I can’t do much with your code since it’s big and I don’t even see anything when I run it with Old = False.

369 lines is big? Well, sorry you had troubles with it.

The landscape is to your left when you run with old = False. You have to move the mouse to see it.

369 lines isn’t big, but it’s a lot to look at for free.

If you can post the main part of your code (say 20-50 lines) directly into the thread I’m sure you’ll get a more positive response.

I also have GeoMipTerrain working with multi-textures using a shader.

It’s big when you’re as busy as I am.

I’m not seeing a white terrain at all. This is what I’m seeing: