Gentoo ebuilds for Panda3D are back

Hi all,

You can find ebuild files for Panda3D in my gentoo overlay:

Currently most of the options are exposed as USE flags except for some 3rd party libraries not in gentoo’s main repo. I’ll do some testing and add other Panda versions in near future. Perhaps someday these ebuilds are in good enough shape to be sent to gentoo developers but seeing how complicated it is with different EAPIs coming and going I’m not holding my breath :sweat_smile:


Cool, thanks for this! But you’re already a version behind :smile:

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It’s hard to keep up with the bleeding edge :sweat_smile:

But now 1.10.12 is in there also, it was just a matter of copying and renaming the file. Only thing to change would be to add the new mimalloc build option but your blog post seems to indicate that this is a Windows specific option, or?

  • Experimentally allow building with mimalloc on Windows

Mimalloc would be available in gentoo’s main repository actually.

My experiments showed that mimalloc gives great performance gains on Windows but it’s less clear on Linux. I would suggest holding off on pulling in mimalloc until Panda 1.11.0 at least.