Generic Panda WX Frame


I just isolated basic UI codes from the upcoming leveleditor and checked them in to direct/src/wxwidgets.
So you can use this as a basic template to write your panda code running with wxPython UI.

Here is a simple script to show you how to use it.

from direct.wxwidgets.WxPandaShell import *

class MyApp(WxPandaShell):

    def __init__(self):
        WxPandaShell.__init__(self, fStartDirect=True)

        wx.StaticText(self.leftBarUpPane, -1, "self.leftBarUpPane")
        wx.StaticText(self.leftBarDownPane, -1, "self.leftBarDownPane")
        wx.StaticText(self.rightBarUpPane, -1, "self.rightBarUpPane")
        wx.StaticText(self.rightBarDownPane, -1, "self.rightBarDownPane")


FYI, with fStartDirect flag set, you can manipulate camera by similar way to Maya.

when running code above, i get

from direct.wxwidgets.WxPandaShell import * 
  File "/usr/share/panda3d/direct/wxwidgets/", line 3, in <module>
    from wx.lib.agw import fourwaysplitter as FWS
ImportError: No module named agw

EDIT2: used 3rd May build for amd64 (ubuntu) and i delted all wx vesrions except latest released and it had awg installed…

I tried importing it but it also said it is not installed… I will try with wx community, i dont think its releated to panda… sorry

FYI, agw is included in wxPython from version :smiley:

yeah, i know, but for some reason i cant import it…