Generic Keyboard Inputs [SOLVED]

I was looking for a way to detect any and all keyboard keys easily, for setting up a keybinding menu in my game, and I came across this old thread:

[url]Detecting any keypress]

Which says to use


I’m curious what the proper way to clear the ButtonDownEvent when I no longer need it would be. Do I feed it an empty string, or a None-type object? I ask because I couldn’t find a method for clearing it in the API.

From the API reference:

So, just set it to the empty string to turn it off. :slight_smile:


Tch, I should have read that. I’ve been away from the API for too long.

Sorry for the waste of time question, thanks for the answer.

No worries. I’ll be the first to admit that finding the answer to a particular question isn’t always the easiest to do in the API reference. :slight_smile:


Hm, should I revert to the old API reference then?

I don’t believe I’m well versed enough on the differences between the two systems to give a qualified opinion.

I don’t think there was a problem in the API reference itself, in this case; it’s just that the needed text wasn’t necessarily easy to find, because it’s a reference and not a tutorial or manual.