General roadmap


It’s not clear what direction Panda 3D is heading and what features will be supported.
Is there some general roadmap available ?


We’re in the process of putting the 1.11 roadmap somewhere public, but feel free to request access to this draft document:


Roadmap has been requested many times in years before.
Why not pinning it in General category ? at least a first draft.

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You can always use Google Drive or similar and make the document as a public download link rather than on-demand with a required registration to Dropbox and a wait time. It’s a bit annoying.

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It must be public for anyone to see what is the roadmap and give some feedback.
Otherwise it’s like having no public roadmap. example.


Yes, obviously the roadmap needs to be public, no question about it; this was supposed to be a draft while we’re getting everything set up in some public place like GitHub Projects, and creating a landing page on the site for all contributor-related resources. I’ve been extremely busy with other engagements, hence the delay on my end on this.

For now I’ve enabled public access to the document.


Thanks for making it public. For me, this part is especially interesting. Direct and Panda core always looked like they are 2 independent libraries, rather then one engine, and that was very confusing when I started learning it.

Do you also mean you want to reimplement the main loop in C++ while leaving the ability to use Python API? This would be a great improvement to the engine.


Yes. The plan is to split off direct into its own library and make it fully optional (those who need it will be able to do pip install direct or so). Instead we will offer a new C+±based application framework, possibly with a scene layer based on an ECS paradigm.

That is beyond the next release, though; the upcoming release will focus particularly on graphics improvements like PBR.