Games made with Panda3D

Hi all

Does anyone know any downloadable trial or free game made with Panda except AirBlade? And, how many are there? It seems like there is very few hype surrounding Panda. Is it because there only a few games made with it?


Yeah, Panda3D is a superb engine. Great potential, indeed. I love the way they have extended Python instead of embedding it, excellent choice.
The source code is beautifully written and it’s fairly easy to understand even if you don’t know a lot of C++.

The programmers working on the design and implementation of Panda3D really should get some sort of medal. :slight_smile:

I guess there’s a shortage of free games using Panda3D because it’s fairly new. Also, there were some licensing issues, that coupled with the fact that Disney is a huge corporation might have discouraged a lot of free software zealots.
However, Panda3D is now free and once people start gathering in these forums and the #panda3d channel on freenode, more games will pop up for sure.

One drawback is the rather small and inexperienced community. Not a lot of hardcore hackers and certainly not a lot of people who know Panda3D well enough to help the newcommers. That wll change as the documentation matures and grows with the growth of the community. Hang in there!

Also, make a game yourself. Even small games might give inspiration to others.