Game developtment website with open source tools

Hey guys!

Today I got an idea of making a website of game developtment with open source tools, as 3d tool we could have blender, image manipulation we could have gimp, our game engine would be panda of course!, audio editing audacity is a good choice and programming language would be python. In this website we could have a community interesting in making games with this tool, tutorials about game creation from scratch using all the tools that I said.

What do you think about this idea? I am waiting replies.

Reminds me what youre saying is for free and open source game development.Not a bad idea,but i think somebody probably made a site like that.If no,it would be great.
The general page would have links to python,panda,gimp,blender,ardour/audacity and other free tools.
The forum would have section for programming,3d modelling,image creating,music/video creating and one for game story writers(like in gamedev).But of course there will be discussed only open source stuff.
Once again i think somebody probably made this already.