FX Composer 2 (beta 3) or Cg Shaders for everybody

Hey guys,
I just went over to http://www.nvidia.com and found out that their
FX_Composer 2 is finally out (at least a beta is).
Those of you who where watching the forum carefully may remember, that there was post a few month ago from a guy who informed us about some of the new features that FX Composer 2 would have.
(unfortunately I can’t find that thread anymore, so I’m opening a new one)
The most important features would be, that FX Compser 2 includes Artist Edition of mental mill, a tool that let’s you create shaders without knowing anything about the actual coding language of shaders, and more importantly that you can save those shaders as Cg shaders. The previous Version of FX Composer couldn’t do that, so it was useless to us Panda users (Panda only supports Cg as far as I know).
So if you want some shaders, but really have no clue how to write them on your own (like myself) you might want to check it out: http://developer.nvidia.com/object/fx_composer_home.html#downloads

wow that is great i been hacking shaders for a while now… and the truth is its all hacking!

as soon as i get to a windows machine i will try that out

8) 8) 8)

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