Funtrench? Eden engine? Check this out!

I was lazying surfing the web and suddenly I hitted something new for me:

Looks familiar huh?

If you dig further the website you’ll find that…

this is where I found it:

I’ll dig more into when I got time and report back.

I wonder what license their manual is, cause their scene graph introduction (scroll halfway down) looks well written. Another interesting thing is their plan to for a browser plugin for panda games. This would be a great boon to panda’s popularity, although the blog doesn’t have any information on it yet just the plan to do it. Only worrying thing is the blog hasn’t been updated since November last year.

Yea, I ran into it when googling for panda editor, the way I found Hypnos & pro-rsoft’s editor too.
But that was on 128x128 screen.
Looks like another source of bugs on top of P3D. :laughing: :laughing:

You mean the section that begins with “Many simple 3D engines maintain a list of 3D models to render every frame” and continues for a long time? This entire section is almost word-for-word pasted out of the Panda3D manual, with a few words changed here and there.


Oh. Haha. I guess I don’t read our own manual enough.

I’ll say! I’ll have to keep an eye out for their web player, because that would be amazing.

I started something similar time ago then dropped for 2 main reasons:

  1. not terribly interest around here
  2. wxwindows gotta great html rendering and I’m actually considering P3D coupled with wxwindows as an amazing mating

There is OSAKit (windows only) that will take an exe and play it online…I have made it work with the roaming ralph tutorial, and it seems a good one-size-fits-all…Of course it will never work as well as anything designed especially for panda/python.

oh yeah I’ve known about osakit for a long time (I used to know the author of that tool actually.) Their site has improved a lot now that I’m seeing it again; it used to look god-awful, heh.

Another similar tool is igloader (again, used to know the creator.) Actually, in functionality it is essentially identical, and I haven’t looked at either in so long that I don’t know which is the more active/better supported tool.

But as you say they are Windows-only, which I suppose isn’t a big deal really (the majority of web-surfers can play your game in their browser, and you just tell other people they need to download your game to play it.)

ADDITION: oops I just found out from the developer of igloader that it is not supported anymore. In that case they ought to say that on the website but oh well.